Madison County
Military Hall Of Heroes
Madison County Courthouse 100 Northside Square, Huntsville, AL 35801

We request the Hall of Heroes members would contact the MCMHC to update their contact information since we have lost contact with many of you and don’t know how to reach you. Please click the link below to open your e-mail program so you can send us an e-mail with, your name, year of induction, address, phone number and e-mail address.
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This beautiful and colorful display is unlike any other of its type in America.
It is the only known complete display of decorations, service medals and awards of our military armed forces which also denotes when they were established and the criteria for which they were awarded.
You may view with pride the contributions of our men and women receiving these awards and their impact upon our great heritage.

These beautiful lighted mahogany display cases house the sixteen medals that are given to members of the Armed Forces for Acts of Valor.
A polished brass frame displays each of these distinguished medals and is accompanied by a brass plate depicting the criteria for receiving them.
Below each of these awards are the names of individual Madison Countians who received these decorations for heroic deeds at the risk of life, over and above the call of duty. Of these great Madison Countians we are proud to hail as "Heroes"

The home of the beautiful display of the Madison County Military Hall of Heroes is located in the lobby of the Madison County Courthouse in Huntsville Alabama. 
It is open to the public from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday thru Friday. 
Admission is free. 

Donations and General correspondence may be sent to:
Madison County Military Heritage Commission
100 Northside Square, Box 125
Huntsville AL 35801

Madison County Military Heritage Commission
The Madison County Military Heritage 
Commission was chartered 6 February, 
1975 as a non-profit organization 
for the purpose:

* To promote interest in the study and preservation of the history and military heritage of the people in or from Madison County, Alabama.

* To encourage better appreciation and understanding of the part our military forces have played in the development of our nation, and thus encourage 
a renewed dedication to patriotism and respect for our flag.

* To conduct, promote and encourage research in the military heritage of Madison County, Alabama and/or it's people.

* To compile and maintain the military historical archives for Madison County, Alabama.

* To honor individual citizens of Madison County, Alabama, who have served with valor in our armed forces, since Madison County, Mississippi Territory was created December 13, 1808.